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Anyone here have a long weekend?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mrs. Valve, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Thank goodness for the invasion and overtaking of the West Indes by none other than Chris Columbus. Otherwise all we'd have to look forward to in October is Halloween (and hunting season!). Anyone doing something for the long weekend?
  2. I am spending my first weekend in a very long time at home.

    Thank the maker.

    Trying to take monday off, not a company holiday :rolleyes:
  3. awesome. i'm going to my parents house for the first time since May, and on much better terms.
    that sucks that your company doesn't give it to you. work for a bank, you get all kinds of holidays off:)
  4. What a gay holiday. And by gay I mean my company doesn't take it off.
  5. I do work for a pseudo-bank :p

    In IT though, not finance/banking.

    Well thats good that it should be a friendly visit. Where are you going hunting?
  6. you should change that. declare yourself the new discoverer of the americas and demand a holiday in your name, that just so happens to fall on this upcoming monday
  7. this weekend i'm heading to ri to see my family and friends. the weekend after i'm heading upstate (back into relatively unhappy territory) and i'm going hunting with my boyfriend and his entire family. his family has a lot of land in the state, between upstate and the southern tier of NY and there lots of deer in them thar hills
  8. Ah, very nice. That's where we're (hopefully) moving, 98 acres of critter laden land 1hr north of Albany :drool:
  9. omg where north of albany? right along the northway or further west?
  10. Hunting is a barbaric, testosterone driven affair that should be outlawed, just like the weapons that you hunters hold so dear.
  11. hunting is a methodical and fun way to conserve wildlife and help keep populations in check with their habitat.
    and they're not weapons, they're firearms :rolleyes:
  12. A firearm is a weapon. Population control and wildlife conservation are side effects of your own lustful desire to kill and harm mother nature's creations.
  13. Gas station hot dogs are made with baby deer meat.
  14. I saw a racoon sleeping on the side of the road this morning, curled up in a little ball in the grass. It was so cute.
  15. a weapon is anything that is designed to wrongfull and maliciously kill something. a firearm can be used as a weapon, but isn't automatically categorized as one. i view hunting as a method of helping the big game populations in new york state (as the deer numbers are out of control here), in a manner that in my mind is more humane that letting a deer starve, get hunted, or otherwise die in a painful manner. harvesting deer lets the healthy ones thrive while preserving their habitat for future generations of healthy deer. the dec can't maintain the population themselves, so they call upon hunters to help them out in this manner.
    i also can't think of another good consequence of my own desires than helping nature
  16. Same thing in Florida ... except instead of deer, they hunt gators.
  17. You've got that flipped. A firearm is always a weapon, but a weapon need not always be a firearm.

    If you were really into helping mother nature, you would introduce a natural predator other then man into the habitat. Like lions or hyenas.
  18. I support the right to keep and arm bears.
  19. Yeah, I see sleeping squirrels all the time.
  20. try reading some laws, both from the police department and DEC sometime. you'll realize that you're in the wrong.
    if i were helping mother nature by introducing a natural predator, then the prey would be wiped out. the carrying capacity of the predators habitat would be breeched, and then the predators themselves would have to be regulated.