Thread Anyone have any good St. Patty's Day plans?

I have an event on campus 2moro @ noon and a BBQ in the evening @ a friends house.
My ex has decided to finally visit with his child this weekend so I'm gonna be all alone :(

you might be alone but it sounds like you have activities to keep you busy
chim and I are friends with bartenders at an irish pub just two blocks from our apartment so we will be going there. Since TX does not do St Paddy's day properly, the pub doesn't open until 11am. The bartenders, however, are going to let us in an hour early so we can get a seat. They said if we help out move the tables around we could get a free pint.

Also I have been brining some brisket for a week and a half now so I am going to slow cook some corned beef and cabbage tomorrow as well. Then I will be taking the food (and some drinks) to a pool party at a friend's place. Chances are 95% it will be a nude event, so that's cool.