anyone else not in the holiday spirit?

Can't say that I'm feeling very christmassy at all. I don't have anything bad like that happening though, I think it's just that I'm starting to get up to the age were you just don't care much.
No, I'm not really in the whole xmas spirit. My family and relatives have been fighing over some really retarded stuff and it seems we're hardly going to celebrate xmas this year.

They've been playing xmas songs everywhere for like the last 2 months. I'm so sick of it :(
NMEs Boob Warmer said:
Im never very fucking jolly.
But then I hate people in general.
Now, now. Be a good boy or santa wont bring you any presents :p
Christmas just isn't what it used to be... I guess I've finally grown up a bit.
edit: I just saw my new title... :lol: :heart:
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Grunt said:
Jep de e ja :)

But I don't want to get banned so lets just stick to english :p
yeah I guess, I always hate it when people talk in languages I don't understand too :p
Im working up until xmas eve where I get a half day, then I have the weekend off .. back to work with a half day on NYE. Joy to the world.
I hate the holidays. The only thing that will make it better is the big check my mom is sending me.
People suck. Girlfriends suck. My car sucks. Eating sucks.

The only thing that will make me happy is lots of money, My bike, video games and porn. Those never let me down.
Condolences F33nX. Thats horrible. :heart:

I also hate the holidays.... so much stress. It makes a girl want to lash out and choke a bitch.

Its not that I am anti-holiday, it's just that they aren't fun for me anymore. It's more about family guilt and lying.