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FYI Anyone a Student with a .edu E-mail Addy?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by APRIL, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Cool! I wonder if my student e-mail still works.
  2. i have a student email address still, but it's a .ca domain.
  3. Thanks! I'm activated.
  4. we need mail accounts
  5. Can't buy .edu addresses. :(
  6. no shit? was not aware. makes sense though
  7. - Where your education will be squandered !
  8. Yeah, I searched. Who doles those out? ICANN? Maybe I can set up a seminary and register
  9. I use to be the one that setup new accounts but I stopped doing that years ago.

    Do those online schools use .edu addresses?
  10. Can you set us all up with one? :D
  11. Set up the University of UF. Let's give those Phoenix fags a run for their money.

    Who here knows stuff? I can impart some useless facts about Texas state law. Jonny can teach useless probability calculations, Chris can teach useless namedropping, Drool has useless shark-carving skills, Chikken has useless home buying experience, fly can impart ambiguously gay uselessness, etc.
  12. Oh oh, can I teach female sexual education? :cool:
  13. Can I?
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    The system was changed so now it's really good about checking to see if you're a current student, alumni, current staff, or current faculty and killing any not legit accounts.

    Maybe I can say your staff at the Hong Kong campus.
  15. You'll have to change his name to Fry, AMIRITE?
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  16. boy howdy can i ever. want me to kill a thread with numbers?
  17. You missed your calling as an actuary.
  18. i looked into it. they wanted me to take about a zillion exams before they'd let me have a crack at it.