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Any xbox gamers here?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by BigDov, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. I just got one a couple weeks ago and am wondering what some good games are, any genre. I did rent Colin McRae Rally 2005 this weekend and loved it..... what else should I be playing?
  2. Burnout 3 :D
  3. Ones Ive played and liked

    Thief 3
    The Suffering
    Arx Fatalis
    Indiana Jones
    Abes Oddysee

    Plus Halo 2 comes out in like 2 weeks
  4. Ninja Gaiden (it's hard though) for action

    Fable for an RPG

    Halo 2 (FPS) comes out soon
  5. need for speed underground 2, Halo(mother fraking flood bastards!!!!),manhunt, KOTOR and many more.
  6. mind sex
  7. Fable looks pretty good....... and elpmis, I've had my eye on Ninja Gaiden since before I got it- what makes it so hard?
  8. The fact that you get your ass handed to you a lot. :(
  9. PGR2
    Star Wars Battlefields
    Baldur's gate
    plus what other people said
  10. Soul Caliber II
    DOA 3
    LOTR: The Two Towers and Return of the King
  11. BTW one I really liked. Beyond Good or evil

    fable is great just really short..and I hope you like english voices.
  12. buddy of mine slapped a 180g drive in his xbox and has it running every emulator ever with still over 120g to spare
  13. :drool: I really need to do that.......
  14. Who has modded their Xbox? Fly helped me to mod mine and I really just use it for watching movies now. He copied like 10 games from his Xbox to mine but my box wouldn't see the games. I never did fix the problem because I wasn't playing a lot of games anyway. Now I just use it watch the movies I download. I can fit like 4 or 5 movies onto a DVD and the DVD remote works awesome even with .avi movies.

    The games I've played and liked are ..

    Project Gotham racing
    Robotech (Hard as hell )
  15. Halo

  16. KOTOR looks intriguing too.......
  17. I'm to lazy to finish the mods on mine.
  18. I hear ya ... I haven't touched it once since it's been modded. I want to switch from Slayer's to Avalaunch ... been wanting to do that for several months.

  19. i mean I have the xecuter 2.3b chip installed I just am too lazy/ n00b to do the bios install.

  20. What modchip did you use? If it matters much, I've got a v1.0 xbox too- a guy here at work gave it to me because it didn't read discs. REAL tough fix!! :D