Another random drooling thread by dbzeag

elpmis said:
good lord your knees are smoking hot!
When they are on the ground while she is kneeling in front of you, eyes looking longingly on your manbits, yes they do.
BeeRad said:
I would post my myspace but the pure fact that this thread is GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY keeps me abay
Dude, did you not see the thread description?

edit PM me your addy ;)
Floptical said:
Shame on everyone you asked.

No shit right, I mean come on, its fawkin Rancid man. The worst part is my buddy owns the bar(just sold it) that is attached to jannis so everything is free. I think we would have got in free to but im not to sure thats why I offered to pay. VIP and sit up on the balcony with the dam band and nobody would come!!! ASSSSSSHOLES!!
haha, my buddy just sent me a message saying he has 7 tickets to Hootie and the Blowfish tonite(same guy who wouldnt go to Rancid). I thought Hootie and the Blowfish were dead by now