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another logo test

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. I changed a couple of things slighly:

    btw, what happened to the other thread?
  2. I think the boobs can be bigger. :)
  3. I'll try to get it changed today.

    And somehow the default thread view got changed to 1 day. fixt.

  4. yeah it was confusing my brains
  5. Hmmmm

    That didn't look too good. :(

  6. thats weird. skewing the letters must have fucked with the transparency?
    fuck it, just use the other one, or put goatse up there or something:p
  7. :heart: No one draws a boar with tits like you drool. :drool:
  8. I draw a mean wang too.

    I was trying to make it a bit bigger, it looks kinda small to me, but my screen res is at 1600x1200
  9. I actually prefer the current size. Smaller things can only make me look bigger...
  10. Wheres the hat?
  11. Needs more John Deere hat.
  13. Im gonna make a new one with the tagline "Useless. Like smileynev"
  14. I can't wait to see the pic that goes with that.
  15. heres a rough sketch:

  16. Do I see a tail or a turtle head there?
  17. could be
  18. Could we just get a picture of that woman who was so fat she grew into her couch and photochop nev's head onto her?