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another fireside chat

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Thorn Bird, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. my beloveds, tell me:

    "if you love something, set it free..." blah blah. ok love.

    if you truly love someone, you'd never want them to hurt or feel pain. regardless. true or false?

    do you think there's a fine line between love and anger?

    if you spare someone you love your wrath so they will talk to you again one day down the road, is that love? or selfishness? does love fit into selfishness?
  2. love is selflessness, and love is forgiving, but relationships are built on communication. sometimes you need to unleash the fucking fury, and build on your love once you get past that.
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    false, imho

    for some people, you can love someone and still want them to hurt because of it. everyone has their own definition of what love is so it's impossible to create an all-encompassing statement like that

    that's just me, though. I love my m16
  4. I think you can't have love without there being the ability to forgive. Yet, every one has a threshold of what is forgivable.
  5. * No way I'd willingly give up the person I love.

    * Sometimes people need to feel pain to grow, even those you love.

    * Love and anger have nothing to do with each other, they are both simply emotions.

    * Spare someone your love? That sounds like cop-out bullshit to me.
  6. Id love it if you brought me a beer.
  7. not spare your love, fly. spare the ONE you love your WRATH.
  8. Also, I think someones been reading too many harlequin novels.
  9. No kidding. Time to ban the WE & Lifetime networks from Thorn's cable.
  10. I think you can forgive anything. To me, it's how you proceed afterward that determines the relationship.

    if your SO says their ex called 'by mistake, butt dial, etc' & they talked for 20 minutes about 'the good times' bla bla bla, and it brought back all these emotions and then your SO realized they broke up w/them because the ex was a complete jackass, but felt so bad about talking to them that they had to sell you and would never ever ever talk to them again - you could pretty easily forgive them and throw them down on the carpet and shag them right there. IF the SO tells you a month later than they hooked up with the ex 'eventhough' they said they'd never talk w/them, you could just as easily forgive them, then tell them to pack their shit by 8pm or expect it on the curb at 8am.

    Seriously, if your dog bites you, you forgive the dog and stop smearing peanut butter on yourself.

    Forgiving is not something you give to someone else. You give it to yourself.
  11. no, just been runnin' my mouth to everyone, as usual. i'm always discussin' somethin' and ponderin' it. :D
  12. False.

    To live you need to feel these feelings, else you would become emotionally insensitive.

    No. There's a relation between love and anger though, as I believe love can easily produce anger. When dealing with love, you are dealing with your purest emotions, and therefor if slighted one can easily become angry.
  13. But those are also the two emotions that require the most passion.
  14. I can name 3 things right off the top of my head that say otherwise.

    Like, for one, the intentional murder of one of your children.

    Sexual battery of a child.

    The complete and systematic removal of all a family's belongings, income, and stored wealth for explicit personal gain.
  15. is that why yoda warned ani against them?
  16. They also both have the letter 'e' in them. YAY?
  17. I don't disagree that it's unbelievably hard. I just think that you can't let go of the anger until you let go of what makes/made you angry.
  18. Doesnt religion preach forgiveness? Are you a bad Catholic, Duke? :fly: