Announcement! : Ding Dong the PG is dead


Flaccid Member
Sep 30, 2004
Yep, no more PG.

The New Deal:
A new thread should automatically be generated for new users once they have confirmed their email address. A PM goes out to them telling them the rules, as well as reminder at the top of every page similar to the annoying one that reminds people who haven't posted in 2 weeks.

It's the only thread they can post in. They still have to post a decent number of posts with content before they're upgraded to a regular member.

So be on the lookout for threads in Useless Chatter new kids. Get out the whipped cream and ball gags and make them feel at home.
thrawn said:
if you are going to let them in the "normal" peoples forum, let them post pics and edit their posts.
Oooh....where's this "normal" people forum you speak of?
If theac and fat burger think its a good idea, you know its gonna suck.
So, if I call April an assbiting cockmonger with delusions of grandiose self importance, where will you send me?