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Anniversary today...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 20, 2004.

  1., what should I treat the little lady to? I was thinking maybe of taking her somewhere special, like the Mcdondalds WITH the playland. Plus, I'd spring for a sundae.

    Any suggestions for a tight budget?
  2. Find a park, have a picnic. Try not to nail her on the jungle gym.
  3. Its kinda chillery up here for a picnic, plus it gets dark too soon now.

    Monkey bars...:drool:
  4. Any chance to make dinner? Get some candles, a good Marvin Gaye CD, and some baby oil. Mutual massages are surprisingly nice and inexpensive.
  5. Make her dinner?
  6. get some flowers and a nice bottle of wine. thats pretty cheap.
  7. Didnt you just take her somewhere for your anniversary? Was that really a year ago???
  8. Congrats mang :heart:

    Take her somewhere good, splurge for a change

    Like the Old Country Buffet, miles of jello salad
  9. may i sniff your panties?
  10. A year ago we went to the le meridien here in Minneapolis. They have really soft beds.
  11. my man panites? sure!!!!
  12. Long Tall Smiley's Thursday thread:

    "spent the night in hospital, damn food poisoning"

    Nah, I get home too late usually to make dinner, plus we are having a house inspection today that may run a little late.

    Maybe I can talk her into some candles, a massage, and some Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars watching.
  13. nice
    cybar w/ me on AIM, k?
  14. Send the baby elsewhere for a night. Have a nice dinner and chill out. I'm sure you'd both like that.
  15. There's a baby!?
    :o I'll babysit! I love babies!
  16. She's been a little cranky lately. My parents are taking her for the afternoon plus part of the evening so we can go out, but we'll probably have her the rest of the night.

    I'm actually thinking Olive Garden or one of those steak places. Nothing too fancy.
  17. Oh shit.

    For a second there, I thought you were April. She likes to eat em.
  18. If you want to be really tricksey, make it like a real old fashioned date. Leave the house and drive around for 15-20 minutes before you go out. Ring the door bell and pick her up like you're really going on a date. Do the things you would have done while you were dating. That's probably cheap and she'll dig it.
  19. Nah I just like to cuddle and play with them.
    I've been an aunt since I was 4, so I've been taking care of kids since reaaally early.
    I have those natural maternal instincts or some shit.
  20. That sounds good, and bring flowers.