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FYI Angry, sensationalist thread title

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by polo, Oct 18, 2010.

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    Short, uneducated remonstration

    youtube video to support my claims

    I won't reply to this thread and it will get the same 13 replies my threads always get.
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  3. hi2u aratokevlar
  4. 5 buttholes.
  5. Whats up polo
  6. I see what you did here.
  7. Ima go ahead and leave one of these in here:

  8. Fosters? ............ FOSTERS?

  9. It's like... your national treasure. That and Crocodile Dundee.
  10. I like to engage in pointless arguments on the internet and I like playing devil's advocate. This is my rebuttal but I will not back it up with any links. I'll just make baseless claims.
  11. 2 more replies pls.
  12. i disagree with everything you said, and i'm going to use the ODS argument and somehow claim you're wrong simply because you aren't the so called rest of the world.
  13. Oh yeah? Well now I'm going to call you a name and then tell you that you are wrong simply because of some small grammatical error you made in a post somewhere else. Also, I thought you said you weren't going to post in this thread again, so that makes you a liar.
  14. Oh wait, that wasn't you. I always mix you up with that drunken irish fellow because your name is also 4 letters and begins with a 'P' Sorry.
  15. he did that on purpose just so people would confuse us.
  16. Do you also have an obsession with hairy french chicks with strange fashion sense?
  17. not at all.
  18. i fully support polo, and recommend you all do so as well.
  19. I love Polo. He makes me giggle.