An open letter to theacoustician.


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Sep 30, 2004

Look man, I want us to take a bubble bath together just as badly as you do, but we’re going to have to have a candle light dinner before I’m even comfortable with you holding my hand. Actually, you don’t even have to cough up big bucks for a fancy dinner, I’ll eat pizza, and this way you'll have more money to spoil your beautiful wife. Are you following me on any of this? My point, you’ ve given us all a new home to make fun of people ... I MEAN to post useless chatter – and I love you for that. I’m sorry I made fun of the elderly and implied that their almost dead bodies are probably lifeless in bed. I take it all back, hell I’ve even fucked a few dead bodies in my day and it wasn’t that bad. Please forgive me theac, you have always been my favorite poster in the south.


theacoustician said:
You're just trying to butter me up to get more pics of my wife's ass.

Interesting you should bring that up..... she was the one that posted the picture in the first place, you can hardly get mad at everyone else for enjoying it can you?