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an open letter to Mondoz

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. Dear sir ,

    It is apparent that you have not won the current election, and for that you have my deepest sympathies. I also regret that we will not get to see the inside of your brains as a result, and we will not get the boobies you promised , and this deeply saddens me.
    However, I WILL be expecting a check for my campaign services for a minimum of two weeks pay at the going rate of 42$ per hour , reimbursement for my medical benefits (penicillin shots and treatment for the "clap" , both aquired during heavy campaiging in a New Orleans brothel you recomended), reimbursement for the "company lunches" I drank, and two weeks severance pay.
    I shall expect payment in full before the end of the month. Please do not make me send my lawyer over to break your knees.
    Hope to see you on the campaign trail again soon!
  2. open letter needs moar oral
  3. Sounds serious. Did he at least put out for you?
  4. not even once
  5. I'm demanding a recount
  6. hi :april:
  7. Hanging chads?
  8. You'll need some sort of compensation, I will be your lawyer if you'd like. I'll take him down and clean him out. Leaving you with all his assests. :fly:
  9. Hey thurr :elfpenis:
  10. Some dead people voted
  11. :furry: ??

  12. That bastard.
  13. That's what happens when you have an election near Halloween. All of those walking dead think they should have a say in the government, and decide it's time to vote. Never mind the fact that most of them probably didn't vote while they were alive.
  14. That's my Wednesday gig. Monday's its all :rolleyes:.

  15. Someone's gotta represent the rights of the dead.

    Or we need better zombie controls in place, one of the two
  16. do u wanna go :nev: tipping w/ me? :drool:
  17. Can you tell me how its done? If it includes some mayo I'm interested. :drool:
  18. Shit :nev: tipping is a whole hell of a lotta fun!

    Just don't want to get caught by the farmer, some kids got caught last week and had to milk a :nev:
  19. Better zombie controls, definitely. I'm getting tired of having to chase them out of my back yard at this time of year. They just don't have any respect for property lines at all.
  20. Ill fund a :nev: tipping trip when I get my check from mondoz