an example of what a small world this is

Mrs. Valve

Dizzy Broad
Oct 6, 2004
here i am, sitting at my desk on a thursday in 2004. there are auditors from price waterhouse coopers here to do an audit for bank of america before the final merge stuff with fleet takes place. they've been here all week and will be here next week.
i was typing away, doing my work like a good little girl when suddenly someone asks me where the copier is. i lift my head to gesture to the auditor where it was and i got really freaked out when i saw who it was.
it was a person i went to college with, and sat next to in class on a regular basis my junior year. we mutually recognized each other instantly.

6.5 billion people. i'm 2 years and 800 miles removed from college, and BAM. maybe i should go play the lotto or something tday, i've got all kinds of wierd vibes now
And someone in Texas is reading what you're typing just seconds after you finish.

Very small world.
Mondoz said:
Found 'em.

I guess you didn't hear about the law requiring bikini's to be worn on hunts now, eh?
Did you see her in that first pic? She must weigh, like, 400 pounds or something.