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GAY Amuse me to win my prize from the latest contest. I will tell Fly to send it to you.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Domon, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. gravy for Drool!
  2. Instead you just tard-spammed. You made the right choice.
  3. If exploitation of the rules is the easiest way to win then why not
  4. Except that it wasn't....

    I didn't see his original post, but my guess is that you misinterpreted the objective where I would have not.
  5. "Post with the most gravy in the first 15 posts wins"
    Take up every post and it does not matter if every post gets 0 gravy
  6. picard.jpg
  7. Dunno why you are doing that, it is the simplest form of logic
    If A, then B.
    A is given
  8. The best part of this is how proud of yourself you are.
  9. I drive really slow in the ultrafast lane
    While people behind me are going insane
    I'm an asshole

    I use public toilets and piss on the seat
    I walk around in the summertime saying "How about this heat?"
    I'm an asshole

    Sometimes I park in handicapped spaces
    While handicapped people make handicapped faces
    I'm an asshole

  10. I would argue that the best part is how invested you are in this, despite the fact that you are basically complaining about me shitting up a thread as you help me further shit it up.

    I am just bored and eating my lunch
  11. So you're eating while shitting? Brilliant! Total timesaver bro.

    I wish I was that clever. :(
  12. Gravy
  13. Poutine
  14. DEAAAAAAAD!!!!
  15. BBQ so good it'll make you wanna slap yo mama!
  16. Winner winner chicken dinner.
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  17. yes


    I mean

  18. well this didnt work out as planned
  19. I can't believe you thought the thread would.
  20. you gravy'd me
    give me your shit
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.