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Thread Americans love cats more than their own country.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Maureen, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. cool:D
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  2. Get bent, the rescuers need to know what theyre getting into or those poor neurotic pooches will end up coming right back even more screwed up
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  3. You are ignorant.
  4. Look whos talking
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  5. that is true but i have seen cases where they adjust pretty well baba :) warren's bigger pup is a rescued dog, the heartless motherfuckers mistreated him and then abandoned him he's a cuddle whore now lol
  6. have seen a few dogs who were too freaked out though,
  7. once a bunch of us had to save a pup from the drainage pipe at worli sea face, we had to be careful because once he was out he got scared and almost bit us
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  8. Shhh! We dont want potential owners to know theyll have abandonment issues to work on & overcome
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  9. ok
    ill end with this, the worst bastards here are the ones who abandon the pups when they get pregnant, madarchods
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  10. Wild rescue for the win .

    I can hear a kitten fainting from a thousand yards enclosed in a garage .

    Shelters like me , Cats adore me , some heroes have capes covered in fur .

    Queue the superman theme!

    /flies off into catnip farm sunset
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  11. Bahhh, bad news travels in 3s. One of my mom's cats had to be put down today. Pancreatic cancer, tumor the size of a chicken's egg inside the cat. I'm gunna miss visiting that cat. She wasn't very old, like 10 or 11. She was polydactyl with two extra toes on the each front paw and also had dew claws in on her rear paws, which is really weird. My mom has lost 3 cats in 2 years, two to cancer and one to a stroke or heart attack. Why can't cats live longer? :(


    Also fuck cancer.
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  12. She's barfing in God's shoes now.

    Also, fuck cancer.
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  13. :( *hugs* to you guys
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  14. What a magnificent cat. I'm sure she was a grade - A asshole of a cat like all cats should be.

    Fuck cancer, fuck kidney failure, fuck every single damn thing that kills cats. Also, fuck you too @Darth Handsome, just because.
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  15. Times like these, I could hug you and literally not be able to get an erection.
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  17. Shut up nukes, I'm trying to conquer the fort from the inside by melting her heart.

    Of course I'd still be poking her around if I were to hug her. I'm trying to be romantic.
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  18. Omfg You rascal.
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  19. Between you and Wickie I dunno man. The two of you may have to take alternate days and every other Sunday.
    I think you were made for @APRIL tho you have the @fly beard, write code, and breathe in cat fur. It's a match made in CatVen.
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  20. Ive known @APRIL long enough to realize shes just toying with both of them and just trying to work out a situation to where she can drop a Cleveland steamer on them for lolz
    THen shed just go home and beat off
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