Am I the only one?

dreamwalker said:
There, now, you'll be just fine :p

Once you adjust to the slower pace I think you'll like it a lot better :)
it just varys to the time of day. and now that im in the bigger forum, i think its much better
PinkysAvenger said:
fear leads to anger. anger leads to hate. hate leads to suffering...
suffering leads to yoda cock in the jedi bunghole.
F33nX said:
i went to the other place for the first time in weeks the other day. the first thing i saw was that a certain well-known spammer (who is not on my christmas card list by any means) had an avatar. i was so freaked out by the fact that this person could no be overseeing operations that i quickly logged out and even closed my browser window in disgust.
this of course, was all before theac informed me that people over there can purchase avatars now like it's nothing:lol:

ChikkenNoodul said:
That's half true, one of his legs was lost in an unfortunate lightsabre incident (One should never try twirling one like a baton while drunk on Wookie Wine) and it was replaced with the penis of a rancor.
i heard he lost the leg while working on some high school video project...

never mind
Findakáno said:
I never was a big fan of Monopoly. I was thinking more along the lines of Backgammon
ooohhh, im good at backgammon.

can i play too?