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All you Quiznos eaters...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 27, 2004.

  2. so the question arises; is smileynev gonna lose his thread making abilities here too?
  3. :lol:
  4. I've never eaten at a Quiznos
  5. quiznos is like gay furry oral sex on a toasted bun :drool:
  6. howso fatty?

  7. Go
  8. thanks! I love quiznos
  9. Not a fan. meeehhhh
  10. also, any recommendations on a paperback to get at barnes and noble. They have a $10 off of $10 coupon.

  11. wtf?
    Food you dont like?
    Is that even possible?
  12. WTF? There's food you don't like? WHOA!
  13. don't call me fat, you skinny fuck

    I died on a cross for your abilities

  14. no, no. the subs aren't large enough for her. she prefers fans, maybe a nice astro's fan. or a bosox groupy.
  15. it's not so much that he doesn't like it, he just prefers chocolate glazed donuts on buttery pretzel bread more
  16. Ya... it gives me some major indigestion.
  17. :D

    can I tickle your comulus?
  18. Some dude with horns just asked to borrow my coat
  19. I don't like veggies either. :hs: