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Oct 19, 2004
South Harmon Institute of Technology
4 years later the #MANCAVE home theater is being a PITA. Takes several tries of input switching to get a source to come up.

Prolly the long ass cables that only ever did 720P anyways. Combined with the old 8x8 HDMI matrix that is flaking out.

Was never a big deal because the other TV's were old and shitty and only did 720p natively anyways. So I ran the big 65" that way too. Now all the TV's do 1080p, so time to make some changes.

Since I only need a couple video sources now, I decided to move the receiver out from under he stairs on the opposite side of the room, to under the TV.

I made a simple platform so the center channel can sit on the receiver but no block the airflow.

I'll post pics later so you snobby ass motherfuckers can e-rage over it for a variety of reasons.