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Vegan Bow Hunter
May 24, 2018
Mid MIchigan
You typed that with stink fingers . . . .

Seriously, has never been a big thing for me. Have never had a magazine or movie collection, didn't spend time watching porn when I worked from home for 16 years. Sure I watched bit when I was younger but I've never had trouble snagging ladies. I can be quite well behaved IRL. I think many guys who don't get enough to meet their needs are just plain working shit wrong. Consider her schedule, help out if you want her in the sack before you're both too tired to give up a fuck. Maybe bring the lady a coffee/tea if you are expecting some morning sex - it worked for me. Today ;)
And don't be a fucking scrub!!!!!! Bitches need shit.
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Oct 15, 2004
Robin Hood Country
so last night i had an MRI scheduled at 11:45pm (the do them 24/7 here)
my mom came with me and while waiting for me this man sat 2 seats away from her and proceeded watch p0rn with the volume loud enough where it could be heard

my mom who’s in her 60s and another older lady were alone in this waiting room with this fkn weirdo

can’t you nasty men just wait til you get home

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That's fucked up. How come you didn't get all up in his face? I'm not having that shit happen in my space, I'd straight up lose it.