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Thread All homeless people are good for nothing scum, AMIRITE?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by OzSTEEZ, Dec 14, 2010.


    Dave Tally has no home and few possessions. He rarely has enough to eat. So, when the Tempe, Arizona man discovered an abandoned backpack with $3,300 in cash last week, the temptation to keep the money for himself must have been unbelievable—he could have rented an apartment, picked up some groceries, maybe even fixed his bike. But instead, he did the unexpected: he turned the money into the Tempe Community Action Agency, where he volunteers.

    The organization was able to find the source of the cash: a student who’d been planning to use the money to purchase a used car. The student was grateful to have the money returned—and once word spread about Tally’s good deed, the homeless man was richly rewarded.

    Strangers around the country have been moved by Tally’s selfless deed, and have sent him donations, totaling far more than the contents of the backpack. He’s been offered jobs to help him get back on his feet. A local dentist has donated a new set of teeth, and a lawyer is working pro bono to help Tally handle an old court case. Most impressively, the city of Tempe proclaimed last Thursday to be Dave Tally Day.

    But for Tally, a man who lost his job and home a decade ago after a drunk-driving charge, the best reward he’s received is the newfound respect that he and the homeless community have gained as a result of his actions.
  2. I bet he will have gotten pretty drunk by the time all is said and done.
  3. fuck that. he was terrified he'd have his ass thrown in jail.

    sympathy schmympathy.

    get to fucking work.
  4. And he would have deserved a good drink up.
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    I think we all know I don't agree with the thread title in the slightest. I'd hesitate to say it but I reckon I've probably had the most contact with the homeless than anyone here after living with dozens of them. :)

    Edit: And out of those dozens at least more than half were great, great people. Few dodgy characters but then I'm fairly efficient at dealing with people like that.
  6. reckon?

    I like that word.
  7. Is it a new one to you?
  8. You'd think she was from the hollers of Tennessee and Kentucky. :fly:
  9. nope.
  10. That a word Southern people use? Us English use it all the time.
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    so in other words, it was his own stupid fucking fault

    the argument isn't that they're all scum, the argument is that they're not all poor helpless victims of society that are in that position through no fault of their own.

    this guy is just now starting to pay back his debt for drunk driving. we're supposed to cheer on a dude for doing exactly what he was supposed to do? for not being a dick? that's how low our standards are now?

    fuck, considering all the free shit he's getting he may have only turned it in because he knew he would get good press for it.
  12. mostly the south here. rarely do I hear it here in Chicago. I wouldn't have guessed the english use it a lot.
  13. I was just having a dig at those that like to lump everyone together. You seem to be able to differentiate, or you also see gray where a lot of people here only see black and white.
  14. When it comes to the homeless I mostly see black.
  15. Just trying to lighten the mood.
  16. lighten?

    I see what you did there!

    you ARE a racist!!
  17. Way to make an asshole out of yourself by assuming.
  18. I see biofuel.
  19. I just hate all people equally.