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Movie Alice in Wonderland? More like Alice In Mehderland.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Movie was "meh" at best.

    Are you with me, men?
  2. I didn't see it.

    Because I'm not a homo.
  3. there's a strong chance I will never in my entire life see that movie
  4. Looked awesome, heard it sucked.

    Watched The Lovely Bones this weekend. Pretty ok.
  5. Chim and I went to see it Friday night at the Alamo drafthouse. A movie theater in which you have a full wait staff with a lovely beer list. The movie itself was meh, but the animation for the horse-riding guy was some of the worst I have ever seen. The cat, though, was pretty epic, and far too much Hatter. Just because Burton gets a stiffy for Depp doesn't mean he should be in the whole bloody thing with full attention. I loved the kilt part, though, and his Scottish accent is surprisingly convincing.
  6. The wife and I were discussing that it seems every modern adaptation (Or spinoff in this case) of Alice seems to give the Hatter a vastly larger role than he had in the book itself.
  7. [​IMG]

    I've debated watching that, but for some reason haven't bothered to download it yet.

    The animation was fine, but not good enough to carry the whole movie.
  8. I had a hard time finishing it and not finding something else to occupy my time (especially since the book I'm currently reading was sitting right next to me). I won't be watching it again.
  10. I still want to see Clash of the titans and Kick-ass.
  11. onnotangu says clash sucks. I too want to see kick ass

    and y'all are whatever on alice!! i thought it was great!!!!! my first three-d movie yay!!!!!!
  13. Iron Man 2 in less than a month. The expendibles later this month. A few other big flicks, but nothing really huge to look forward too.

    Well, except many Robert rodriguez's Predators.
  14. The Avatar fag.
  15. ODS is in it.
  16. Iron Man 2 comes out my bday weekend. I can't wait. We are actually going to the theater for that one.
  17. the answer she's looking for is liam neeson
  18. The last Alice in Wonderland type movie I saw that was good was on SciFi a couple months ago. Other than that, I have no interest in seeing this movie, esp given the meh reviews itt.
  19. I strongly suspect that movie will kick so much ass...

    I like that Mickey Rourke is back in acting again. Hopefully he can pony up big for a comic book movie.
  20. Like I said....ODS