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Oct 1, 2004
Man, Ape and I picked up some Lauginitas Hairy Eyeball and Sam Adams Imperial White. I'm drinking the White and holy shit. Its what you'd call, high gravity.


BTW, the Lauginitas is also delish and pretty spicy at 9%.



Wants to kiss you where it stinks
Jun 9, 2006
I am not drinking tonight. After last night's binge of homebrews and microbrews, i am kind of tapped out on beer.

Your choices look delicious, however.


. . first name's "Daisy" boys
May 12, 2008
Brandon, FL
I'm just gonna cut and paste this since I don't wanna retype it all. We'll call it Dr. Horrible's Fucked Up Gasparilla Blog

Corey says:
How was gasperilla?
Scott says:
absolutely ridiculous
started great then turned into a nightmare of really bizarre episodes
Corey says:
ooh really? like what?
Scott says:
gimme a sec
So, we get down their early, right> proved to be a good idea
day starting right. Very nice out. get in a brunch downtown. Get to Sail Pavilion before the crowds show. Get great seats right along the water to water the invasion from
so far, so good
we're getting HAMMERED
not even mildly, it's like full on drunkfest
we, we standing, watching the show
and all of the sudden I hear something right behind me
turn around, and some douche took my full drink that I just bought, and poured it into his own glass, and then, just as he does it, has the balls to then also sit in my chair
you haven't seen me go all Dr. Bruce Banner rage until you saw this go down
I get in his face, and was all 'Look, you stole my shit, you try to take me seat, just fucking go away'
then his two ton heifer posse crew jump in like a bunch of fat girls on anger pills and start getting in my face too
'This is a free world, we can do what we want,' blah blah blah
the whole crowd around us is like 'dud,e just leave, your being the dick' to the three of them
finally got our friend who works the place to get security to kick them out
they came back, tried starting shit again, and one of the chick in the crowd flashed a badge at them and said 'enough is enough, you need to move now'
Corey says:
wow. people in tampa are f'ng weird
Scott says:
it got weirder
cliff notes
$250 bar tab
Corey says:
haha nice job
Scott says:
recently divorced girl sticks tongue down my throat
her friends call me an asshole
i lose some expensive sunglasses
Corey says:
was she cute? why are you the asshole?
Scott says:
I was too drunk to care. She wasn't ugly be she was ridiculous drunk like me
dunno why I was the asshole but i was
Corey says:
sunglasses are a bummer.
Scott says:
15 hours later, finally stopped drinking
other shit went down
just a day of stupid
Corey says:
wow nice.. although kinda glad i didn't make it for that shit. lol
Scott says:
seriously, way too much drama and BS in a day
i need a new hobby that doesn't involve booze
Corey says:
definitely sounds like it.
Scott says:
for real
Corey says:

Mrs. Valve

Dizzy Broad
Oct 6, 2004
Thursday: 23oz Boston Lager at the airport, 2 Leines at my parents' house
Friday: 3 Goose Island Summer ales
Saturday: Leine Summer wheat, 3 Goose Islands, 1 DW Dundee IPA
Sunday: 1 bottle Cupcake Riesling
Monday: Probably 1 bottle of Cupcake Malbec