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Halp Adobe CS4 Master Suite Trial download

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Coqui, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. Does anyone have the CS4 Suite that I can use the install for?

    I have a computer who's hard drive died, and the user downloaded the software.

    Adobe's webpage only carries CS5 now, so I can't just re-download it from their site. If anyone has a copy of this or can get a copy of this quickly, I would appreciate it (all sites I would normally get this from are blocked at work)
  2. Jesus Christ. Its 4GB. You can sign up for a free trial of and download it. Otherwise, call their support. =)
  3. probably has the company key embedded. no can do
  4. That's why I'm asking for the trial. I have the key, I just need the software.
  5. still can't help. who keeps a 4gb trial? :fly:
  6. People who don't have the media. ;)
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  8. i seriously doubt its embedded, but still 4GB. Where you gonna upload that?
  9. Oh, well there is that.
  10. a lot of our software has the key embedded actually
  11. Adobe products don't. (unless you buy retail media) I don't need it anymore, but just letting you know that.
  12. this isn't off the shelf software. they send us corporate versions of stuff with our company's key in it already. we never have physical media. maybe someone here is embedding the keys into the installs though
  13. I'd guess its probably in an MST. Almost no one actually threads the key into the software. That makes packaging on CD/DVD a real PITA.
  14. well that's the thing. we never get physical media for anything
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    Windows version (you didn't specify mac or windows):
    mac is also available from the site below.

    taken from here:

    You'll need 7-zip to open that archive apparently. Might also want to scan for viruses just to be safe. I hate when companies remove trial versions from their site, or even their FTP servers. Doesn't take up that much bandwidth or disk space, esp given the size of Adobe.
  16. I've only seen it a handful of times from the factory. In fact, M$ is the only one I've seen do it. I do most of the software packaging, so I'm usually the one who adds em in at my place. ;)
  17. I wish it was that easy. However the 2nd link when I tried it (before making this thread) was dead. It's also hosted off of Adobe's site so it's safe (in case anyone wants to download the trial versions from there. It also requires an Adobe log on.

    Also the .exe also automatically extracts the 7 zip file so you don't need any additional software.

    Like I said, I already got it. :p