A Thursday in the life of Vladimir the Magnificent

View of the building's lobby when I went to lunch. Southwest chicken avocado sammich with strips of bacon :drool:


This douchebag and the one in front him took so long to get through the light that I had to sit through another cycle. :rolleyes:


Gurnee Po-po Department


Warren Township Public Library. I have four books and three DVDs about two weeks overdue. :(


My dentist asked me to come by and find out what kind of options she had for broadband in her office. Cable is a no-go since they'd have to wire the place up and she doesn't want to deal with that. DSL ftw.

Anyways, after everyone else had left it was just me and one of the dental assistants. She was showing me around the office and in pointing out the engineering room she mentioned she's good with machines. Turns out the girl is a certified mechanic and when I joked that maybe she could help me work on the truck her eyes went wide and a big ole smile spread across that cute face.

She was quite giddy that it's a Chevy and right before I left she mentioned "we're gonna be the best of friends!"


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I love the fact that you find my animals as cute as I do. I love the pictures