A gay man asks anything

When did you decide the opposite sex was right for you? when did that happen for you that women were attractive? Puberty? Before?
As far as I can remember, I've liked boys. I can remember having a crush on a boy in my Kindergarten class, and writing in my diary in 1st grade about wanting to marry and make babies with a boy in my class.

What is the fascination with lesbian activities, whether in porn or at the bar or in regular movies with two women holding hands.
I'm not particularly attracted to that, but I guess the main argument I've gotten seems to be that they like to imagine the 2 chicks inviting them in on the action, or something like that.

Do you think it's fair the double standard with lesbians vs. gays?
I don't.

How would you feel if you saw two men holding hands? Would you make a comment? Would you remember it later in the day or would you just let it pass because it isn't that significant?
Holding hands is nothing, really. I definately wouldn't make a comment, anyone is free to love whoever they want. I'd let it pass.

Do you find pregnant women attractive?
I don't find them attractive, but I can see how there might be an appeal. I'd think they'd be most appealing to whoever impregnated them, though. I think the beautiful thing would be that she's carrying the life that the two of them created. Attractive beautiful, not attractive sexy.

Why does everyone love breasts?
Because they're soft and squishy? Honestly, I don't know.

UPDATE 9/20:
Another question, I for one am not at all interested in kids. Is this an ingrained thing to desire kids and to procreate?
I think it's one of those things that we're taught you do. The next logical step in a serious relationship is to get married. The next step is to have kids. People these days have kids because they think that's what stage they're at in their lives and they need to. Someday I WOULD like kids, but not because I should or need to, but because I'd honestly like to. I love kids.

How comfortable are you taking showers in the locker room? Changing in front of people?
I used to be pretty self conscious around strangers, but totally cool with my friends (I used to be the "do anything on a dare" one when we were younger, which usually meant lots of mooning/flashing/streaking.) After going to a military uni where I didn't really have a choice, and had to shower in a tiny packed shower with 5 other girls, I'm pretty fine with it now.

Are you interested in anal sex with your partner? Are you interested in recieving anal play from your partner?
Not particularly. Nothing against it, I've just never found the idea of it attractive/hot.

Do you have a couples night where your partner and you go out for dinner with another couple? Could you make it a couples night with a gay or lesbian couple?
We don't really go out on dates so much as hang out and do stuff, but I have gone out on things that could be construed as double dates. I'd be totally fine with gay or lesbian couples, I've invited my friend Frank and his boyfriend out several times, but they usually declined.

How pressured are/were you to get married or to date?
As far as my family is concerned, not pressured at all. I do feel like there is a lot of social pressure to date/sex/etc, though. If you didn't date in High School, it wasn't because you were focused on schoolwork or didn't find anyone you liked, it was because you're flawed and there's something wrong with you (that's how things were at my HS.)

How pressured are/were you to have kids?
That is one thing I don't feel pressured about. I'm only 19, I've still got a lot of growing up to do before I'll be ready to raise a wee me.

How worried are you about getting pregnant or getting a woman pregnant?
I wouldn't say terrified, but as I said a moment ago, I'm SO not ready for that yet. We use 2 forms of birth control (the pill and condoms) for extra protection++

Do you always use a condom?
9 times out of 10, yes. I've been in a steady committed relationship with the same partner for over 2 years now, so I'm not too worried about STDs, but I do not want babies. NO BABIES.

Are you more worried about pregnancy or STDs?
Pregnancy, for reasons stated above.

Would you want to meet your son's boyfriend if it happened that way?
Of course. I'd want to meet whoever my child dates.

Would you blame yourself or your training of your kid if he/she was gay?
Not at all. It's not a handicap or deficiency, it's not like something went wrong. That's just how they happen to be, and I'd accept them regardless of who they're attracted to.
On our way home from Florida we saw a guy wearing white or khaki capris in the airport. It was hawt, all guys definitely need a pair of capris to complete their wardrobe.

Eww no. They were called clamdiggers in the 80's and 90's. They should be put out to sea never to return.

And capri's are for women, not men.

edit: it's not blue. there's no blue in it whatsoever. the camera phone just screwed up the colors but it's a grey/silver/something....the tag says fucking TIN FOIL so I dunno

but I know it looks blueish. it's not blue

edit2: oh and I hate trying on pants. the only brand that ever feels comfortable is dockers. everything else sucks

Um, please don't tell me you bought that. You know I :heart: you, but that shirt is 3 sizes too big. Your sleeves are below your elbows and your armpits are at your waist. Way too big.

Also it looks like you are 8yo going to a funeral.

The usually have a "buy one get one free" offer on, which would be a good idea for interview wear or whatever. Just keep an eye out for it.

I generally buy all my clothes from Next (http://order.next.co.uk/page.asp?b=G42&p=244&o=1) which is great, because it's well priced and most of their clothing works with anything.

Next > *

I went to one while I was in Scotland. Awesome stuff.
Um, please don't tell me you bought that. You know I :heart: you, but that shirt is 3 sizes too big. Your sleeves are below your elbows and your armpits are at your waist. Way too big.

Also it looks like you are 8yo going to a funeral.


:lol: I bought the pants

that shirt was a medium :thrawn: sleeves are at the elbow and you can't even see the armpits there :confused:
Fitted and tight are two different things. Tight clothes annoy me but all of my formal wear is fitted.