A gay man asks anything

I find the aviator sunglasses to be quite appealing.

That same look that Jack Bauer has.

Bad pic but you get the idea.

Picture silvered lenses made specifically to be as trendy as possible. And this guy was 20-something and trying too hard, not Jack Bauer. There's a difference.
We can't all have soccer/football/hockey jerseys we can wear out to impress the ladies. Some do have to resort to rolled up sleeves.

I don't wear them to impress the ladies, I wear them because they're comfortable. And oddly enough, I rarely wear them. It just happens that every single time I see you I have one on. (About once every 4 months.) Usually it's slacks and dress shirts since that's what I live in these days.
That's pretty fucking gay. Don't do that. And whatever you do, don't wear it with stone washed jeans and flip flops, like this meticulously dishevelled douchebag I saw at lunch today, complete with aviator sunglasses. If I had had a Hollister catalog on hand I would have cornholed him with it.

I used to dress like that at boarding school in the late '80s sans the aviators...don't like'm