A fun MSOffice problem for this afternoon


Dizzy Broad
Oct 6, 2004
I'm working on a mail merge project, and I've got 706 letters to print. When I try to print, all I get is a plain sheet of paper that says "IB" in the upper left hand corner of the page. 2.5 hours later, the help desk couldn't solve the problem. I can print "sections" of the document, but not "pages" as the merge has it all lumped onto one page.

Any ideas?
how did you set up the doc, and where is the merge data coming from?

I actually did an instructional document on how to do this with office 97, if you like, I can look for it.
April23 said:
You make a lot of work problem threads.
i do. we have problems at work. i figure maybe talking to those who actually know what they're doing ( :tard: ) can help me fix some of the problems. not that i didn't want to chat with a random guy from nova scotia on the phone for 2 and a half hours today, but i have 8000 letters to get out the door by march 21
are you printing that many seperate letters? or that many copies of ONE letter?

If not, why not just save time, ink and money and use the photocopier?
they're all seperate letters- they will go out to each individual asset company that our clients hold in their accounts. the first one i'm working on has 706 different assets. one of the considerations was to print all 706 onto plain paper all at once, then photocopy them onto stationary. however, our copier isn't that stellar either:(