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Food <3 jews. And their steak spice.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by gee, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. the difference is that white pepper has had the black hull from black pepper removed. there's a slight difference in flavor, but it's mostly aesthetics.

    ie: as Carla on Top Chef commented when finishing making her omelette: "What, we have no white pepper?!?!? Fine, it will just look like someone fucking ashed on it. "
  2. I suspect that Shengzeng High Technology Textiles or whoever made the pepper is probably too cheap for that, so they just buy black/white pepper and dye some of the white pepper to make the red and green.

    Anyway, I'm sure y'all can adapt this recipe with pink salt and special peppercorns hand-picked out of the rectums of monkeys, to suit your pretentious needs.
  3. its cuz of my liver you retard
  4. I was going to discuss using shallots in place of the onions and garlic scapes but I won't now you've been rude.
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  5. Aww the pretentious cunt is offended.

    (please don't hurt me, I just want to use the word cunt in a sentence)
  6. Ahh that felt good, I want to use it more.

    Probably get my ass kicked here in the states.

    Even better.
  7. A cunt I may be, but I take offense at being called pretentious. I'm merely cultured.
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  9. 10lbs. they make this shit in bulk.
  10. Pics of seasoning mound to follow.
  11. Cunt is probably one of my top 5 favorite words. It's hot when women use it.
  12. Mine is all natural and the different corns have distinct flavors. Ordered from
  13. I have corns, Greg. Can you taste me?
  14. :lol:
  15. Ratios, how do they work?
  16. It's going on a steak. If anything, I'd focus on getting the best cut of meat you can instead of substituting out an ingredient for one with a slightly different flavor which amounts to 1/10th of the spice mixture. If you use the right amount of spice mixture (ie, not much) on your steak, changing out dried onions for shallots would cause a subtle change you'd really have to look for and know about in the flavor profile.

    And it's also a dry rub. To make the best flavor I could, I'd probably go with a paste made with oil, salt, pepper, freshly minced garlic/onions/herbs, mustard, etc. Only thing is it'll be a lot more work, and I'd sooner put that kind of effort in if I was making something like a prime rib roast instead of a steak I'm cooking on a weekday after work.

    Beauty of this rub is how easy it is. just throw a bunch of whole spices in a pepper grinder. Pick up a couple of steaks on the way home from work, turn on the grill on your way into the house, crank some of the spice onto the steaks, and throw 'em on when the grill's hot. Boom, you've got excellent food with very little effort. Who cares if some foodie on the internet doesn't like it, it's good.
  17. uh oh. awfully close to a personal attack . . . .lol
  18. I'm sorry you don't get my humour. I'll make it less subtle next time.
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  19. You're british. You're supposed to dress up like a woman, walk funny and rant about parrots, not this subtle shit. ;)
  20. You forgot the bit about chasing scantily clad women around a park to stupid music, which I admit I often do.
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