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Pics 2018 Pics thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. You might want to go back and read it again
  2. I understood it, but I was making the obligatory 'Male action heroes make all the scratch'

    And I don't think Rob Schneider is funny
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  3. The best in Tampa is Trang Viet. He's not into stupid jokes, just good food.
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  4. The best in Albuquerque is at the Basil Leaf. They're into stupid jokes and good food.
  5. with a name like basil the jokes better be bloody funny
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  6. Isn't DCB into stupid jokes? We have bad beer because of it?
  7. It's said that their delivery is always on thyme.
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  8. :p:lol:
  9. It's fine. @fly is just being a one-upping little bastard.

    You can have good product and dumb jokes.
  10. I really hope you're reaching back to Fawlty Towers with that one.
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  11. what else(?)
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  12. It's neither as known or as loved here in the states, so I bet most of the CHUDs here don't get it.
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  13. ahh
    maybe some will know baba who knows :)
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  14. Poke is awesome[​IMG]

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  15. ^one of our latest quilts. I thought of all you musician fools as I was making it.
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