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Jul 24, 2013
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Ok using your logic here and comparing the current Billboard Top 100 song content vs the meme of Baby it's cold outside. 7 out of the top 10 clearly fit into a category of your listening to this but you're offended by the other. I'm sure if we did the entire top 100 the average of 70% would stay pretty static. Rap and Hiphop as a whole is known to include NSWF items. I'm not knocking it I because I enjoy alot of it. But I am knocking your baseless attack on @tre meme he posted.

1. Sicko Mode: (includes multiple swear words, tells ladies to pop that pu*&y, talks about murdering someone, etc)
2. Mo Mamba: (the entire song is about "fucking so many hoes"
3. Zeze: (plenty of references of fu*$ing women and popping pills"
4. Drip to hard: (fucking women, drugs)
5. Lucid Dreams: ok
6. Better Now: ok
7. Wake up in the sky: (bitches and drugs)
8. Trip: ok
9. Sunflower (fucking)
10. Money (fucking, swearing)
I like that you included the radio edits.
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May 24, 2018
Canola oil, man. Also, I save 30% shopping at Walmart.
Dude, you're not supposed to bake cookies with canola oil. Shit starts smoking at 400 f. Starts turning bitter over 300. Peanut, soy or the almost clear CHEAP olive oil all would be better. Corn and sunflower are both bad for baking - smoking points below 300f. Safflower 320. You've been warned.
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