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Halp 2017 Political abortion thrad.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Valve1138, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Slavery? Yes and no. Here the For Profit prison model started up so slowly that a large amount of people don't know that it's actually an issue again.
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  2. that's what I'm saying, if he didn't have anyone to stop him or a base to please I don't think he'd roll back any protections. I doubt trump cares about any kind of lgbt issues beyond not wanting to spend money on renovating bathrooms

    still though...even if he had no one stop him I don't think he cares about being in power. he wants adoration. he wants to keep going to rallies and have people cheer when he says he's going to do certain things

    so while he might not need a base he still wants one to show him love
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  3. no. twitter is for 140 character messages

    if they want to post something longer then make it an image or a fucking blog post and link it, I'm not reading a series of fucking tweets that are 1 of whatever
  4. I am surprised by this.
  5. Unless they were extremely reckless, I doubt it.
  6. he so sexsay! :D
  7. Would you consider being in the top reaches of US government while colluding with Russia reckless?
  8. By which part?
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  9. But it's all just partisan.

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  10. Depends on how carefully it was done, hence my post.
  11. By the quite a few don't bit.
  12. i need to start watching this season's episodes, I hear the new companion is good

    unrelated: if you have prime you can get a washington post account for 6 months free and after that it's only 4 bucks a month:
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  13. Spelling lol
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  14. MLB:
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. People naturally don't want to know about bad stuff going on
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  18. Yup, the denial crap.
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