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Halp 2017 Political abortion thrad.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Valve1138, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. It's not a matter of being able to fight to make their country livable. It's about getting their country to start growing crops again.

  2. I hit a link now and then that goes to Reddit but all I get is a seemingly perpetual spinning R followed by some dumb shit.
  3. Way to skirt around how Trump is a "mongoloid" himself.
  4. he linked it wrong
  5. Mine were not actual links.
  6. I don't mean you guys links right now, just times in the past. You get a red circle with an R in it that sits and spins and whenever it does catch up with itself it's always something just dumb.

    I gave up. Whatever poignant thought or clever quip those people think they have ain't worth the wait. It's probably really only seconds. Still not worth it.
  7. Just don't Reddit. It will eat your time,.Brain, and eventually swallow your soul.
  8. this is stupid and here is why. what you are basically saying is since he knows nothing about the topic he is not allowed to have his own opinion.

    If you never had a kid you are not allowed to have an opinion about parents
    If you have never read the bible front to back you are not allowed to have an opinion on religion

    Do you see how stupid that shit sounds? Plus there are scientists *a very small percentage* that claim global warming is fake.
  9. another terrorist attack in paris. I bet it was those pesky Christians
  10. He is damaging us with his opinions. Did you completely ignore that part of the post because it doesn't support your hobo babble?
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  11. Obama tried and failed hard for 2 years. King Trump comes in and only takes a few months to get egypt to free american charity workers.
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  12. Here is the way i see it. Is man made global warming something to worry about? Sure. I however don't care because it will not effect my life time. After I am dead i don't give a fuck about the future of earth
  13. You are part of the problem.
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  14. tell me then rocket scientist april, how do we fix it?
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  15. Yes it will affect your life time. You don't think it will affect you because you have no idea what the effects will be.
  16. Quit deflecting the original conversation that your president is a putz for his damaging "opinions".
  17. This is why you're a terrible human being.

    You're also wrong, climate change has already affected you and will continue to do so in more severe ways in the future.
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  18. Says a lot.
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  19. I admit it. I have made it very clear that i only care about me and screw everyone else
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