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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by strawberry love, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. Debbie just hit the wall
    she never had it all
    one Prozac a day
    husbands a CPA
    her dreams went out the door
    when she turned twenty four
    only been with one man :p
    what happen to her plan?

    She was gonna be an actress
    she was gonna be a star
    she was gonna shake her ass
    on the hood of white snake’s car
    her yellow SUV is now the enemy ( yellow?? they make those? :confused: )
    looks at her average life
    and nothing has been alright

    Springstein, Madonna
    way before Nirvana
    there was U2 and Blondie
    and music still on MTV :fly:
    her two kids in high school
    they tell her that she’s uncool
    but she still preoccupied
    with 19, 19, 1985


    She’s seen all the classics
    she knows every line
    Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink
    even Saint Elmo’s Fire (what's that? :o)
    she rocked out to wham
    not a big Limp Biscuit fan
    thought she’d get a hand
    on a member of Duran Duran

    Wears the mini-skirt made of snake skin ( :fly: )
    and who’s the other guy singing in Van Halen
    when did reality become T.V.
    what ever happen to sitcoms, game shows
    (on the radio there was)



    She hates time make it stop
    when did Motley Crew become classic rock?
    And when did Ozzy become an actor?
    Please make this stop
    And bring back


    has anyone heard this song before? it's interesting to say the least. :o
  2. Yes I have, it's a catchy tune if I remember correctly. Too bad I can't download at work otherwise I could say for sure.
  3. I heard it recently I think
  4. Yeah it's playing on the radio here in Tampa now.

  5. the ford escape comes in yellow
  6. so does the h2
  7. true.dat
  8. I try not to listen to commercial radio too much
  9. so doe the Jeep Liberty.

    Damm, I just realized how young you are if you dont remember St. Elmo's Fire. I admit I never did see it (5 at the time) but I knew what it was.
  10. yellow is such a weird color for a car.
  11. I don't know ... depends on the car. I think Green is much worse than yellow.

  12. Ferrari fly yellow = :drool:

  13. depends on the car. I used to have a yellow Hyundai Scoupe. it was fitting for it. also I like it on fast cars such as 911's and such.

  14. that's the exception :drool:
  15. it's a movie? :o
  16. i really hate that song.