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  1. grahamcrackerporter
  2. nukes
  3. nukes
  4. grahamcrackerporter
    help i can't figure out how to delete this profile
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  5. nukes
    nukes Artie Chokes
    Here lies Mellow, broken hearted...Came to poop, but now I've farted.
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  6. nukes
    Howdy fuckers!
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  7. nukes
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  8. Artie Chokes
    Artie Chokes
    Fuck you, asshole.
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  9. Mustard Dispenser
    Mustard Dispenser
    What the fuck is this?
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  10. lutharthegreat
    lutharthegreat august
    They have a snapchat list on here? Looking for yours. Mine is lutharthegreat if ya wanna add me and i can add yours.
  11. pacojas
    my gf is ignorant,.. i mean ignoring me.
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  12. OOD
    OOD Darth Handsome
    I fucking love you.
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    1. Darth Handsome
      Darth Handsome
      Right back at you, babe.
      May 18, 2016
  13. tangent
    Putting the greenery in the scenery
  14. Jehannum
    I'm in ur base, changin' ur titlez
  15. hydra
    i bring the thunder
  16. Bloodhammer
    This is bullshit. The Tumen River Backstroke is a great band name!
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  17. Bloodhammer
    So what's this field for? I don't even facebook.
  18. MacG
    I am cat-astrophic
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  19. poptartdaddy
  20. Lambie
    The Drunkening