Chipotle healthier than Subway?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. dbzeag flam-bae

    So I had a Subway sub for lunch today and I got to thinking, how much healthier is this than a Chipotle burrito. If you get a burrito loaded, it is really bad for you, but I don't. I ususally go for the same thing all the time. So I punched through the numbers:

    Subway 12" turkey and ham on wheat with swiss cheese, green pepper, lettuce, carrots, cucumber. Also a bag of Sun Chips harvest cheddar.

    For Chipotle I had a Burrito Bol with chicken, cheese, lettuce, rice, black beans, and corn salsa.

    Water with both (of course).

    Subway worked out to this:
    Calories 820
    Fat 25
    Sat Fat 9
    Trans Fat 0
    Cholesterol 80
    Sodium 2680
    Carbs 113
    Fiber 10
    Sugar 18
    Protein 50
    Vit A 16
    Vit C 60
    Calcium 42
    Iron 52

    Chipotle worked out to this:

    Calories 804
    Fat 29
    Sat Fat 9
    Trans Fat NA
    Cholesterol 126
    Sodium 2079
    Carbs 85
    Fiber 10.5
    Sugar 3
    Protein 52
    Vit A 114
    Vit C 35
    Calcium 23
    Iron 8

    The burrito had less calories, same sat fat, much less sodium, less carbs, less sugar, more fiber and protein. Weird, huh? And both of these will fill me up about the same.
  2. thrawn Flaccid Member

    add some hot salsa and the whole burrito leaves your system in > 2 hours
  3. fly Urethra Franklin

    roasted chicken breast sub > *
  4. reverendsaintjay Flaccid Member

    Well, ok. But what are the numbers for a Fajita Burrito con queso, crema y lechuga?
  5. itburnswhenipee Nattyboi

    If you're so concerned about what you eat you might want to reconsider eating at fast food restaurants.

    Just sayin.

    edit: and for anyone who thinks that Subway or Chipotle or whatever isn't fast food, I submit this: Having the food slave assemble your offal on the far side of a plexiglass sneeze-guard does not, somehow, imbue the dish with any more virtue than a Big Mac or Double Whopper with cheese.
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  6. eileenbunny Eileen Duggar

    Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips :drool:

    If you added those in your calculation though, this might be why there is more bad stuff in your Subway meal. You had no chips with your Chipotle meal.
  7. shawndavid Erect Member

    Sometimes I just want to hug you.
  8. fly Urethra Franklin

    It may be fast food, but it is certainly better to be deciding if you want bell peppers or banana peppers on your entree rather than debating between double cheese or bacon...
  9. theacoustician Flaccid Member

    Who fucking debates that? You get double cheese and bacon, n00b.
  10. wr3kt Flaccid Member

    50% more cholesterol
  11. wr3kt Flaccid Member

    You are a god among cue balls.
  12. shawndavid Erect Member

    It's like eschewing the opportunity to drink Guinness when you can do shots of wing sauce and animal drippings.
  13. thrawn Flaccid Member

    I feel like there is a little demon sitting on my shoulder telling me to masticate.
  14. Mustard Dispenser #obsessed

  15. Mustard Dispenser #obsessed

  16. Valve1138 My wife could buy YOU all

    Toasted Italian BMT with Provolone or a Toasted Chicken Bacon Ranch > Roasted Chicken Breast Sub.
  17. shawndavid Erect Member

    I don't like tooth so go easy, partner.
  18. Sarcasmo Chicken v2.0

    Sushi/sashimi are better for you than both.

    (And also exponentially more expensive)
  19. APRIL rat rat

    Subway owns Chipotle any day.

    McDonalds owns Chipotle... plus their salad bowl is like a handful of food. Cheapskates
  20. Mustard Dispenser #obsessed


    Yeah but who wants to eat lunch in the bait shop?